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Line and Antenna Installs

Measured and Verified

Patriot provides co-location services for all major PCS, cellular and broadband wireless service providers and equipment manufacturers, delivering superior antenna installation and quality testing to ensure optimal system performance.

On the majority of the towers we have erected, we stay right on site and complete a full install of all antennas, dishes, and lines. Our extensive install experience is not confined to towers, however. Whether it's a new tower, existing tower, rooftop, water tank, smoke stack, or silo, we have the personnel and the expertise to perform your co-location install per all manufacturer and customer specifications.

Patriot is fully experienced in installing sectored cellular/PCS panels, omnis, FM antennas, Digital TV and yagis, and our crews are trained and certified with today’s most popular brands of connectors and coax. We can also complete hardware installations for microwave shots, 2-way radio, and paging systems. Each will be completed to your firm's custom specifications and our own standards of safety and excellence.

Following every installation, our field technicians test, measure and verify the work to make sure each and every line performs cleanly and accurately. Anritsu sweep tests, PIM (Passive Intermodulation) of the lines and digital photograph documentation can be on your desk within 24 hours of job completion no matter where the site is.

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