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Maintenance Services

From Routine to Emergency Services

From routine inspections and site maintenance to emergency repair services and remote monitoring, Patriot provides a full range of options to help you keep your towers, communications equipment, and support systems running at peak performance.

Patriot professionals are trained and equipped to perform a wide variety of inspections, so you can ensure potential problems are identified and corrected before they become an uptime issue.

We also offer full-service tower site mapping, and will issue a comprehensive report outlining all of the antennas, lines, and associated hardware on the tower, line-of-site photos, and diagrams of existing shelters, equipment racks, and utility locations.

Routine Maintenance & Management
The longevity of your equipment and the performance of your systems depend on regularly scheduled maintenance activities. Some of our regular maintenance duties include plumb and tension, microwave dish pathing, antenna downtilt and azimuth adjustments.

Beyond the routine maintenance of antenna, coax, and hard line, Patriot offers a full range of other necessary site management activities, such as grounds maintenance, weed control, tower painting, compound & shelter maintenance, electrical & telco repairs, HVAC & standby generator maintenance and access road repairs & improvements.

Emergency Response & Repair
Patriot crews are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Dispatched from our main Rochester, NY offices, these crews are prepared to handle any emergency or any maintenance need – from civil site systems to lines and antenna to structures and lighting – quickly and effectively.

Patriot has a full inventory of lighting and wireless components that we can bring to the job to quickly repair most systems while on site and prevent a second trip or delay waiting for parts. If we don't have the tool to do a job we will get it. Our goal is make sure your site is fully operational, without any unnecessary delays or issues.

Service Plans
We have many annual contracts with municipalities, emergency response organizations, and major carriers to handle their maintenance issues in a timely and correct manner. Service plans can be customized to suit your specific requirements. Call today to learn more.

Tower Site Decommissioning
Patriot is the firm to call when it comes time to decommission your tower. We offer a full range of services – from removing co-locates to taking down towers to excavating foundations to recycling equipment and materials – to ensure the process is handled with maximum efficiency and minimum hassle.


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