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Patriot Towers Announces Acceptance in STAR Initiative

The STAR Initiative is the The National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) signature program to help companies operate safely.

We at Patriot Towers are proud to announce our acceptance in the STAR Initiative program by The National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) for the 2016-2017 year. The STAR Initiative is the Association’s signature program and is designed to help companies operate safely. It also recognizes tower contractors, owners, and carriers who voluntarily adhere to higher safety standards.
Our safety initiatives, kick-started by Safety Manager, George Glamos, has brought Patriot Towers to a new level of safety standards. Glamos has created a robust safety culture where the crews are accountable for safety and continue the initiatives on a daily basis; employees go above and beyond to identify risky conditions and behaviors, and intervene to correct them. Because of Glamos, Patriot leadership and our committed employees, Patriot Towers just celebrated 663 Days of no lost time.
“Companies involved in the STAR Initiative program have demonstrated that they are the cream of the crop and this year’s participants certainly live up to the high standards NATE has established through this program,” said NATE Resource Specialist Nikki Gronau. “I applaud the 2016-2017 STAR Initiative companies for making a commitment to achieve the highest levels of safety and quality in the industry,” stated NATE Chairman Jim Tracy of Legacy Telecommunications, Inc. in Burley, Washington.
Patriot Towers is honored to be accepted into this premier program and we look forward to being a safety and quality role model to others in the industry.

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