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Site Development

Experience and Expertise

Patriot has the experience and expertise to offer turnkey site development – clearing and grading, access road installation, underground utilities, foundations for towers and buildings, shelter and structure installation, grounding, fencing and landscaping – all completed with your total satisfaction in mind.

Site Preparation
Patriot owns a full line of excavating equipment. With our extensive company-owned machinery and highly skilled personnel, we are equipped to handle any size job, quickly and efficiently. From tree clearing and access roads to excavation and drainage, we can handle all aspects of site preparation.

Tower & Shelter Foundations
Based on tower loading and sub-soil conditions, we can design and build the optimal foundation system for your specific situation. Whether it is a tube-formed foundation for a guy tower, caissons for a self-support tower, or a pad and pier pinned to bedrock, we have the resources ready. Guy tower / anchor foundations are constructed using the highest quality materials and machinery. Rebar cages can be constructed within 48 hours of the receipt of a foundation design, and concrete can be pumped to the bottom of the hole if heavy water is encountered. All foundations are brought to the proper elevation with a laser. Full concrete slump and break tests are furnished with every foundation.

Grounding System Installation
We have the know-how in house to complete soil resistivity tests, install grounding systems, and build lightning suppression systems per Motorola’s industry standard R56 grounding specification. Our crews will complete final system resistance tests to insure that your install is in place per specifications.

Underground Utilities & Electrical Services
With over 35 years experience there are few challenges in the utility construction industry that our professional installers and full-time, licensed electricians have not encountered. We provide complete service installations, including trenching to pole, duct, conductor terminations, and load center assembly. Our expertise also extends to new technologies, including hydrogen cell installs. We can also handle the coordination of all inspectors and utility company representatives.

Telecommunications Services
Our telecommunications-related services include cabling for POTS lines, T1 lines, and fiber optic cables. We can also coordinate with local telephone representatives to design a system, duct from the pole to your shelter, and execute installation of the cable with the utility for you. This includes fiber telco backhaul and other links to the main backbone network.

Back-up Power Systems
Emergency backup generators help insure uptime, even during power outages. We can work from your prints and with your generator supplier, or supply you with drawings and the generator. These generator systems will provide your communication equipment with backup power automatically by the use of Automatic Transfer Switching Gear, which not only powers up the generator when the public feed fails, but can run your generator at regular intervals to insure peak performance. This will insure that your site is never offline for long.

Generator System Capabilities Include:
• Diesel
• Propane
• Natural Gas
• Hydrogen Fuel Cell



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