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Tower Upgrades

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As technologies evolve and opportunities grow, more demands are placed on existing tower structures. Patriot offers smart, cost-effective options for upgrading tower structures to accommodate these new and changing requirements, including structural analysis, upgrade design, and structural reinforcement installation.

Foundation Upgrades
A variety of options are available to ensure tower foundations remain adequate and secure as tower requirements change:

  • Guy anchor replacements & additions
  • Epoxy & grout anchor installs
  • Helical anchors
  • Overburden & ballast additions
  • Rebar & concrete modifications
  • Micro pile installation

Structural Upgrades to Monopole Towers
For monopole towers, Patriot offers the following upgrade services:

  • Flat plate, channel
  • Threaded rod & gusset upgrades
  • Flange reinforcement

Structural Upgrades to Guy Towers
For guy towers, Patriot offers the following upgrade services:

  • Plum & tensions
  • Guy wire change-outs
  • Split pipe install
  • Horizontal & diagonal reinforcement
  • Gusset installs
  • Flange reinforcement

Structural Upgrades to Self-Support Towers
For self-support towers, Patriot offers the following upgrade services:

  • Split pipe install
  • Horizontal installs
  • Leg grouting
  • Gusset installs
  • Flange reinforcement

Other Site Upgrades
Oftentimes a tower site requires more than just a structural upgrade. As a full-service provider, Patriot offers a variety of supplemental upgrade services to help keep sites optimized and current:

  • BTS swaps
  • Telco vaults
  • Fiber cable
  • Electrical services
  • Generator back-up systems
  • Hydrogen cells
  • FAA compliant painting

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