1000 Days No Lost Time Accidents

1000 Days No Lost Time Accidents

Scottsville, NY, September 19, 2017 – Patriot Towers Inc., the Northeast’s leading Tower Construction, Tower maintenance, and Tower upgrade company, is proud to celebrate 1,000 days of production without an OSHA recordable safety accidents resulting in no lost time from work. The celebration took place at their facility on Monday, September 18, 2017.

This milestone, which now spans almost 3 years, was driven by President/ CEO, Rich Schickler and Vice President, Doug Harradine and carried through by Safety Manager, George Glamos.  Patriot Towers accomplishment was due to the rigorous safety programs aided by employee involvement.

According to George Glamos, Patriot Towers’ Safety Manager, “Leadership and managers took the lead to show the importance of safety, not only to each of us personally, but to the success of our business.  The new safety framework includes a no-fault reporting system that encourages employees to report near-miss safety incidents. Highlighting close-calls illustrates potential risks both at work and at home, and how employees might reduce risk in the future. “

Actively involved from concept to implementation, employees have worked collaboratively to create a safe and efficient workplace environment. The culture of safety fostered at Patriot Towers is one that puts equal importance on the quality of the final product, as well as the work process.

To learn more about our commitment to work, our employees and customers, visit us online at patriottowers.com.

About Patriot Towers: Patriot Towers is a full-service communications tower construction provider in the Northeast, offering site preparation, tower erection,  structural modifications and emergency repairs.

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