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About Us

Patriot Towers, Inc. is the Northeast’s leading provider of tower and co-location services, specializing in site preparation and development, tower erection, structural modifications and technical services, including fiber-based Edge computing upgrades.

Patriot Towers, Inc’s roots stretch back four decades to the start of the telecom era. We’re a trusted partner of national telecom companies and municipalities across the Northeast seeking turnkey solutions to their unique challenges.

Your success depends on your team’s ability to rapidly leverage the latest innovations and technical advances in a fast-paced, ever-changing industry.

Our commitment to continuous learning and training in technical services and upgrades ensures we’ll be ready to help you take advantage of every opportunity, installing, implementing and maintaining every next-generation’s breakthrough technology.

Because that’s what it comes down to. Reliably providing you with the advanced services you need, when you need them. And doing it all in a safe, knowledgeable, professional, cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner.

It’s how we’ll earn trust, and how we’ll keep it.

Our Leadership Team


Rich Schickler

President and CEO

Rich started his career in the family business, RJ Schickler, working on tower construction projects. After completing his degree in Finance he returned to the business and founded Patriot Towers, Inc. with a focus on telecommunications. Since then, they have grown by more than 500% and is consistently a Rochester Top 100 company. Rich and his wife Maureen have five children. He enjoys road racing cars, shooting sports, building furniture, and constructing other projects with his children.


Doug Harradine

Vice President

Doug Harradine is co-owner of Patriot Towers, Inc. He started in the industry as a climber in 1996 and worked his way up to Crew Chief, then Project Manager. Starting Patriot Towers, Inc. in 2001 with Rich Schickler. He is currently Project Manager for the Structural Department and has been the NATE liaison for New York State since it’s inception in 2016. His experience and expertise have helped the company grow to servicing 11 states in the Northeast.


Jessica Johnson


Jessica has been involved in all aspects of accounting, finance and payroll since she began in October of 2007. Jessica holds a BS in Accounting from The College at Brockport. Her extensive experience has been a valuable asset in managing the accounting functions of Patriot Towers, Inc. in the highly volatile Wireless Telecommunications Industry.