tower technician career opportunities

Adventurers Wanted

Something Drew You To This Page.

Maybe you heard that we’re one of the Northeast’s largest and fastest-growing tower companies, a company with deep roots and plenty of career opportunities.

Maybe you checked up on our pay and benefits packages, unmatched safety record and the training programs we provide you so you can grow in a career with us.

Or maybe you saw yourself hundreds of feet off the ground, working at the top of towers most people would be too terrified to climb.

These things say something about us. Our company, our people, our values, what we do and how we do it. And since you’re here, they also say something about you. Something that tells us you’d fit in with our team.

We Take Safety Seriously

Very seriously. Our safety standards go way beyond anything OSHA requires-and we’ll hold you to them. We’ll supply you with the best gear on the planet and make sure you use it. And we’ll give you all the training you need to confidently take on any task. We’re looking to hire adventurous people who like tough challenges, not thrill seekers who think it’s ok to take foolish risks. The smart way is the safe way. And we only hire smart people.

Benefits and Bragging Rights

We offer good pay and benefits that get better with time, we recognize hard work and reward loyalty, and we provide you with clear career paths and the training you’ll need to get there. It’s steady, dependable work, with no unpaid downtime or seasonality. It’s outdoors and hands-on, the kind of hard work that built this country. The kind you can look back on with pride.


Warriors4Wireless is a charitable organization that helps veterans find decent paying careers in the growing 5G wireless workforce. As a VA-approved organization, Patriot Towers Inc., provides qualified vets with a two-week certificate training program that will get them started in their career, with us or with other companies in the field.