tower Training & Certification

Training & Certification

To Be the Best, Train with the Best

We pride ourselves on having the best-trained team in the industry. That’s why we established our own training academy, developing a practical, real-world curriculum that combines technical knowledge and hands-on skills to prepare our team for the job. This two-week, full-time training course provides in-depth training and field experience in fall protection, rigging, and basic technology requirements of the wireless industry.

Upon successful completion of the program, team members earn the following required certifications that enable them to work on a tower:

  • OSHA 10
  • RF Awareness
  • Authorized Climber / Rescue Certification
  • Crane Safety Hand Signals

25% classroom, 75% hands-on, 100% focused on safety.

We’re so committed to safe, effective training that we’ve built two dedicated training towers on site to provide an authentic, stress-free learning environment, enabling them to gain knowledge, skills and confidence.

Under the guidance of Training Supervisor Steve Steele, trainees start with a 10-foot climb and, over the two-week training period, acquire the skills to confidently work at the top of the 50-foot training tower. This on-the-job learning also helps identify which departments would be the best fit for each new team member. Class sizes are kept small-6 to 8 people-allowing for hours of one-to-one training.

Additional Training and Support

We believe in continuous learning and skill improvement, so training continues long after the two-week course. Team members undergo regular recertification and training sessions are implemented as the telecom industry adds new equipment and systems. Training Supervisor Steve Steele routinely visits job sites to ensure all team members, rookies and veterans alike, are staying safe and keeping their skills sharp.

If you have tower experience, you may qualify for our condensed, one-week training course. We’ll certify your through Patriot Towers as certifications don’t carry over from company to company.

NWSA Certification for Other Companies

Thanks to our facilities we’re able to offer training and National Wireless Safety Alliance NWSA certification [or re-certification) to other companies in the industry. Our in-house NWSA Practical Examiner is available for hire. Contact Training Supervisor Steve Steele to discuss your team’s training needs.

NWSA Certification: The New Industry Standard

NWSA certification is an industry-built, industry-recognized process to verify knowledge and skill as a telecommunications professional. Certification gives you and the telecommunications community the confidence to know that you are qualified to do the work, helping you grow in your career. This unique program maintains the highest levels of integrity and fairness throughout the process. This new certification is valid nationwide and available at Patriot Towers, Inc.