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Cellular Tower Steel Modification & Fabrication Services

Steel Modification and Fabrication Services

Whether you’re adding additional carriers or updating antennas, our team will work with your existing Structural Analysis to modify the tower to ensure proper wind and loading requirements and to properly handle the weight of the additional antennas, lines, and other appurtenances.

Our Structural department was created in 2008 to meet customer and municipality needs for higher tower capacities and loading. Until recently, towers and antenna structures were built for a single specific carrier.  To meet todays market demand, towers are being upgraded to support as many as five or more carriers. Our original structural crews were formed from our existing tower crews but over time, we have developed two dedicated structural crews that specialize in only tower and structure modifications. These crews combined with members of our civil department who focus on foundation modifications, have successfully modified, upgraded, and repaired hundreds of towers.

Our Structural crews consists of certified climbers and welders that have years of experience modifying all types of towers. Our in-house fabrication department designs shop drawings from customer prints, manufactures, and then the crews install the materials. Being able to keep all the processes and steps under one roof allows us more control and ensures only one call is needed for our customers to get what they need when they need it.

Certified Climber Welders

We employ both seasoned certified welders and fabricators, and closely mentor newly trained welders. Our team is constantly growing and developing. We are always training, mentoring, and helping our welders earn certifications that broaden their experience.

In-House Fabrication

We partner with local steel suppliers, we are able to custom cut any structural steel component for your modification.  Whether it is water jet cut anchor rod brackets, or hand cut custom split pipes, or custom mounts and tower extensions, we can get it done in house.  


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