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Keeping Up with a Rapidly Evolving Industry

Your success depends on the ability to rapidly leverage the latest innovations and technical advances in our fast-paced, ever-changing industry.

While technical advancements have drastically reduced the size of equipment shelters, they’ve also significantly increased in technical complexity. Each piece of equipment comes with its own specifications, installation requirements, grounding, and connection specifications as well as voltage and back-up power requirements.

Our team of in-house Technical Services specialists bring years of proven expertise in Generator installations, DC voltage, AC power, and battery-backup systems. They’ll ensure that your unique system is powered, backed up, and permanently connected to meet your most technical requirements

Site Hardening and Back-up Power Systems

Emergency backup generators help ensure uptime during power outages. We can work from your prints and with your generator supplier, or supply the full system turn-key to provide your communication equipment with backup power automatically. This is done with the use of Remotely monitored Automatic Transfer Switching Gear. This not only powers up the generator when the public feed fails, but can run your generator at regular intervals to ensure peak performance.

Generator System Capabilities Include:

  • Diesel
  • Propane
  • Natural Gas
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell

DC Power Plants

Let us swap out your aging powerplant to provide more power for your new radio equipment and system upgrades.

Battery Backup Systems

Generators are not always your first line of defense.  Let us swap out your aging batteries, or completely upgrade your battery strings to protect your vital DC powered equipment.

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