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Cellular Tower Construction

We erect Monopoles, Guy towers, Self-Support towers and Stealth structures such as mono-pines and bell towers for all carriers. We install your spec line and antenna system on existing towers, newly erected structures and rooftops. From Cellular 5G, to CBRS, to 911 and emergency systems. We are also well versed in Water tank installs, and temporary deployments for events and emergency responders.

Line and Antenna

We fully install antennas, dishes and lines, putting the carrier on the tower and conducting all the testing needed to ensure optimal system performance. We have deep and wide experience installing sectored cellular/PCS panels, omnis, FM antennas, Digital TV and yagis, and our crews are trained and certified with today’s most popular brands of connectors and coax. We can also complete hardware installations for microwave shots, 2-way radio, and paging systems. And all completed to your firm’s exacting specifications and our own standards of safety and excellence.

Cellular-On-Wheels [COW] and Cellular-On-Light-Truck [COLT]

Temporary mobile hotspots provide connectivity for festivals, concerts and events, and in emergency situations when main infrastructure fails. Our COW and COLT services include:

  • Setup, commission, breakdown, relocation to the site
  • Repairs, retrofitting and full rebuilds
  • Onsite storage
  • CDL-certified drivers (required for all COW and COLT operations)

Swap and Drop

lt takes as much experience and know-how to take down a tower as it does to put one up. When a tower ages out or reaches structural capacity, we can build and commission a new one, transferring all components no matter the distance. We’ll decommission the old tower and safely recycle and dispose of all equipment.

Stealth Towers

Have you noticed our latest stealth tower? Neither has anyone else. We’ve designed innovative solutions that conceal or disguise conventional towers in creative and functional ways, whether as a flagpole, pine tree “Mono-Pine”, church steeple or bell tower. Hidden in plain sight, stealth towers are increasingly popular with village zoning boards and planning commissions.

Lighting Installation

We install and maintain a wide range of obstruction lighting systems for any structure with FAA compliance needs. These systems include standard incandescent, Medium/High Intensity Strobe, and LED, and are certified on systems from a variety of manufacturers, including Flash Technologies, ITL, TWR, Honeywell, H&P, and Unimar. In addition, we offer inspection, maintenance, and emergency repair services.

Guy tower, self-support, monopole, and stealth modification projects are on our schedule every month. There are no telecommunication structures in use today that we can’t reinforce, or modify.

  • Guy wire replacements and plumb and tensions.
  • Leg reinforcements.
  • Diagonal and horizontal replacement/reinforcement.
  • Flat plate and channel installs.
  • Additional anchor rods/brackets, and micropiles.
  • Flange replacement and upgrades.
  • Tower extensions.

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